Things you should know about WordPress?

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Question May be arising in your mind about WordPress and I will answer one by one.

Why we use WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS(Content Management System), power up most of the website and is used by many web community. It is a free platform for developing sites. Blogging sites are the most commonly developed using WordPress but you can develop every website you can thing off.

There are two ways of doing WordPress. Either you make a website with other available themes and plugin, or code the WordPress site from scratch. You can customize the themes and plugin according to your need like color, font-size but you can’t change the complete structure of it, only up to a certain limit. Every theme is different and offer different level of customization.

Plugins in WordPress is used to add additional functionality to you theme site. For example, You want to make customize login form of your site. Either you write code for that from scratch, or to same your time and effort you can used plugin. WordPress host thousands of plugins and every plugin offer different functionality. Moreover, these plugin are free on WordPress but premium plugin are available on the internet other than WordPress.

Two of these words you will commonly look that is and is the official site of WordPress and it is a self hosting platform of WordPress. If we use, the user has not to care about purchasing a domain and maintaining it. It has his own subscription fee. have open source its allow of it project code which is is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It provides back-end handful function to save retrieve data and store in the database. It is used to make any kind of website ranging from blog to business website. If you are using, you have to hosting your WordPress site on any

What are Prerequisite of WordPress? Here are few listed prerequisite of WordPress.

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Javascript

HTML and PHP are two most important and basic ingredient to learn.

What is the advantage of using WordPress?

It depends on your approach. Either you are thing to develop site by other people theme and plugin, or building it from scratch.

If you are thinking to develop site from other people themes and plugin, you can consider that these advantages you can get.

  • Nice CMS dashboard when you can write blog post and publish on the live site.
  • Have thousands of plugin which you can use.
  • Login form and add user to contribute to your site.
  • Plenty of resources on the internet.

If you are developing site from scratch, advantages can be describe as follow.

  • WordPress provide PHP function that we can use to store and retrieve data into database.
  • You can build any website with WordPress that you thing of.

What is not ideal for WordPress

You can build any website in WordPress. But if you are thinking of making static website in WordPress that’s what I would not recommend. I would rather recommend to make website in plain .html and .css files. Because you are killing the purpose of WordPress. But still you can also make static website in WordPress.

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