6 Tips related to Google search

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Google is one of the most popular search engines. We use Google to search for different queries. Below we cover some tips and tricks to improve your search experience.

Search for a similar niche

When to search for websites that relate to a similar niche, you can type the below command in the search bar.


The above search query results in websites that have a similar niche to google.com.

Check File Type

To search for specific files type in Google, you can type the below query in the Google search bar:

Resume filetype:pdf
Resume filetype:docs

The above query results for resume in .docs or pdf format.

There are also other file types as mention below.

  • filetype:swf (Adobe Flash File)
  • filetype:pdf (Portable Document Format)
  • filetype:ps (Adobe PostScript)
  • filetype:dwf (AutoDesk Design Web Format)
  • filetype:kml (Google Earth)
  • filetype:xls or filetype:xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • filetype:ppt or filetype:pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • filetype:doc or filetype:docx (Microsoft Word)
  • filetype:odp (OpenOffice Presentation)
  • filetype:ods (OpenOffice Spreadsheet)
  • filetype:odt (OpenOffice Text)
  • filetype:rtf (Rich Text Format)
  • filetype:txt or filetype:text (Text)
  • filetype:wpm (Wireless Markup Language)
  • filetype:xml (Extensible Markup Language)

Exact Phrase Search

To search for exact words or sentences, then you have to enclose the query in "quotation" as below.

"I am looking google"
“May * be with you”

* symbol in the above query results for any words/sentence that comes in between.

Restrict the Word in the search

If you want to restrict some content in the search engine; you can use the + or - symbol in the search engine as shown below.

1. book +science
2. book -science
3. news -site:cnn.com
4. healthy ~ food

First (1) search the books that are related to the topic of science. Second (2) search the books that are not related to science. Third (3) restrict any content from CNN website. Fourth (4) search for health that is related to the topic of food.

Specific search for the website

To search for queries that relate to the specific website, type the search query as below.

Book site:.edu

blog site:quora.com

Perform mathematical operation

To perform the mathematical operation in the search engine, type the equation as below:

- 32*10
- cos(x)

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