How can I be better suited for remote jobs?

Remote Jobs helps you to eliminate the 9-5 working hours of the office and you can earn extra money. But finding remote jobs is not as easy as we think and are different from walk-in interviews. In the application, you present your portfolio and work experience that counts.

I will share with you my story and applying for a remote job experience. I was looking and applying for remote jobs for more than about a year. Here are some of useful remote jobs websites. I applied to many job listing but got rejected. I question myself whats wrong in my skill even my skill meets the job requirement. I started watching tutorials to learn some skills to add to my portfolio. But then I started to realize what is wrong.

There are tons of online jobs listing website and each of which has its own target audience. Freelancer websites like Upwork, Fiverr offer great benefits when your profile has good rating star. I remember a time when my account got verified without much effort in the old days. But, as these websites got more users, they make even tough for the person to verify his account and gain startup work as he/she is just starting out. In Jobs board websites, companies only post the jobs and wait for skill people to apply. Similiar to as I build the Jobs website (Underline Jobs). Hire in those kind of jobs listing depends on your own personal skills and communication.

Big companies are searching for talented people who not only possess professional skills but also communicate professionally. I will walk through what thing the hiring team looks at your application. Well, it depends. But here I am listing some things which you should be looking at.

  • Portfolio website
  • Good impressive resume
  • Good communication
  • Social profile

Portfolio Website:

The portfolio website is your own assert where you link to your work and writings. Here are the things that companies may look to hire you. If you are a programmer, focus on building things from scratch rather than 3rd party plugins. This way they get to know how much you have a grasp about the basics.

Good impressive resume

A good impressive resume is a great way to understand your technical background. Don’t be too creative with your resume, just make it simple. Write a cover letter that covers the topic of why you would benefit from the company. You can even customize and use the Resume and Cover letter template when you sign up google docs account.

Good communication

Good communication has a great impact to get hired. When you are filling the form of the job application, the hiring person can judge your level of communication from your application.

Social profile

Good social profile not only increase your chances of hiring but also you can earn a side project. You can also use your followings on social media to ask for your services.


Hiring for remote jobs is quite difficult as we may think. But you can learn much from this interval of unemployment time. Be patient and always document you progress throughout the time.

Thanks for reading the post.

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