Get started with JavaScript

Taimoor Sattar

Javascript is used for dynamic content appearing without refreshing the page and interactivity to HTML pages. Javascript could be used to:

  • Add multimedia elements / perform an action based on user action.
  • Form validation and client-side error handling.
  • JavaScript used for dynamic page content.

If you are a beginner, you need to learn the basics of javascript. We have covered the series of articles that you can follow in sequence as below:

  1. Learn from developing the basic structure of the website.
  2. Based on certain user actions/behavior, we have to manipulate certain DOM elements. Learn more about Manipulating The DOM Using Javascript →
  3. JavaScript not only can manipulate HTML DOM elements, but it also can manipulate CSS. Learn how to manipulate CSS With Javascript →
  4. Conditional Statements in JavaScript →
  5. Loop through an array →
  6. Object in Javascript →
  7. Date format using Javascript →
  8. SetTimeout And SetInterval Using Javascript →
  9. How To Use Promise In JavaScript →

After covering the basics stuff, you can learn advanced concepts in Javascript.

To level up your JavaScript skills, learn the tips and tricks of writing code.

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