How to rank your web page as SEO get smarter?

SEO is search engine optimization which helps to reach better ranking in search engine like GOOGLE, YAHOO, and BING, etc. The search engine crawls the web page and bring the useful information out of it. SEO is getting better and better days after days. People just use to change title and description of the web page to improve its ranking but now it is things have totally changed. To rank your web page, the Google search engine senses more than 200 signals to rank your web page. Here are mention few suggestion that will be useful for you to improve your ranking.

Write content that solves the problem

Focus on the content that helps people to solve their problems. Write content that is based on your personal experience or the things in which you are master. Don’t think of writing content too long just to fill out words. If your content is useful and to the point than that’s alright.

Post content in the interval

Post content regularly day after day or week after week. It gives a search engine signal that website active and it is continuously updating. If your website is related to traveling than post article that is about traveling. Don’t confuse people by posting the content which is not relevant to your website topic. Update your article in the future to include some fresh content.

Think of long term Game

The SEO ranking is not a short term game, it could take months or years to rank your website. The search engine is continuously crawling web pages to deliver good results in the search query. So, it requires a long term strategy to rank your content.

See the latest trends

Writing content about the Outdated topic does not benefit much because there will be a jungle of web pages in the search engine about that topic. To make a better rank web page is quite difficult in the jungle. Focus on the topic that is trending in the search query.

ADD Schema to structure your content

Integrate schema into a web page that will help search engines to understand your content better. The search engine use it to make Rich snippet. is a collaborative, community activity to create, maintain, and promote schema for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond…

Make better Title and description

Title and description meta appear on the search engine query. Eye-catching title increase the chance of more clicks. Write the title and description meta in the head of HTML.

  <title>Your title here</title>
  <meta name="description: content= "Write your description Here.." />

Links building are Optional

Links building is one of the big factors to rank your web page. But don’t take it seriously because the search engine is getting smarter every day. Links from the website that are not well established does not make much difference.

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