Different way to create a React application

React is a JavaScript library for building User Interface. There are different way to create a react application. Here, I can option three (3) way to create a react application.

  • Traditional way
  • Online code Editor and IDE
  • Use a framework

Traditional way

The simplest way to create a react application is by adding importing React library in your application.

You can react application starter code in the below codepen link:

The react application works with just few lines of code but it very basic. We have to do extra amount of work in our application to handle more feature e.g. routing, automation, SEO stuff, etc.

Online code Editor and IDE

The online code Editor saves you time by deploying a development environment in seconds; and we don’t have to worry about installing the necessary packages for the project.

The are tons of online code editor on the internet. But… the preferred code editor for this post is mentioned as below.

You can import exiting react project template and start work on them.

Use a framework

Framework make our life really easy and handle most of the stuff for us e.g. Routing, automation stuff, etc.

The popular framework to start a react project is as below:

Each of the framework has it’s own advantages. You can learn more what these framework offer on this page.

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